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The SPARK Institute has created a new version of its “RFP Guide for Selecting Defined Contribution Service Providers” to assist advisors, consultants and plan sponsors in the important task of preparing and evaluating requests for proposal (RFPs) for 401(k) and other defined contribution retirement plans.  SPARK is promoting widespread use of this tool to enable service providers to prepare consistent responses to the requests of plan sponsors, resulting in reduced response time and more accurate evaluations.  Since its inception in 1997, the RFP Guide has gained widespread acceptance within the industry and has been widely acclaimed as the industry standard for RFP requests.
The new edition of the RFP Guide incorporates a number of significant improvements over the previous version.  Updates to the Guide include:

  • A change in orientation to make the guide suitable for use by an advisor or consultant assisting a plan sponsor, as well as for use by a plan sponsor directly.
  • Making it applicable for all sizes and types of defined contribution plans including 401(k), 403(b), 457 and profit sharing.
  • Expanding the amount of information required of organizations issuing an RFP so that responses can be more thorough and tailored to the specific plan.
  • Changes to account for the latest industry regulations, products, services and technologies.
  • Incorporating a comprehensive SPARK glossary of investment-related terms.

 Click Here to view an introduction to the Guide and the Table of Contents.  

 The 3rd Edition of the RFP Guide can be obtained by SPARK members and non members below. It is available to all SPARK members at no cost as a membership benefit. Other service providers and plan sponsors may obtain a copy of the RFP Guide for a fee of $100.00.

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RFP Guide
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